September 2008

Electromagnetic Drive? Cool…

I was just browsing around the net today when I stumbled upon this interesting article about an electromagnetic drive or ‘Emdrive’, which uses microwave to convert electrical energy into thrust.  It seems to have been developed by a handful of scientist from various places around the world, and actually built Read More

Mozilla Developer Days

This week I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Mozilla Developer Days here in Toronto.  I have never attended an event like this, and I must say that it was quite an interesting experience.  There were developers from as far away as Germany who came to talk about Mozilla and Read More


This week I was introduced to Ubiquity, a very cool Firefox extension currently in the alpha release.  By cool, i mean that this little app potentially has the ability to bring together and combine the most relevent parts of the Web for you and your needs.  Currently there seems to Read More

Potential Project Selection

Here is a listing of my potential projects which I have selected.  I am leaning toward the Thunderbird Draft Scheduler, however the Weave/Thunderbird integration project seems very interesting, I just need to do more research into it 1. Thunderbird Draft Scheduler Extension Write an extension for Thunderbird so that the Read More


This is my first post for the DPS909, which seems to be a very interesting course.  All of my posts for this course, and anything related to Open Source will be located in the Open Source Catagory