XRap Version 0.3 Windows Released!

Well its been a long time, a lot of reading, and a lot of learning (JavaScript and XUL), but I’ve managed to finally change over XRap from C# over to a XULRunner Application!  I haven’t quite got the UI just how I like it, but funtionality-wise it works perfectly.

How it works:

  1. Once XRap is started, all you must do is enter the directory path of your XULRunner application, more specifically where the application.ini is located.XRap
  2. When the path is entered, click on ‘Load Application Directory’ .
  3. XRap will read the application.ini file for validity.
  4. Once a valid application.ini file is loaded, click on ‘Check Integrity’
  5. XRap will check for old XRap created files, and the XULRunner runtime (which must be in your applications directory).
  6. Prompts will inform you of any files which will be removed.
  7. Once the integrity check is complete, simply click on the ‘Create Installer’.
  8. XRap will read through your application’s directory, as well as create the executable from the xulrunner-stub.exe file in the XULRunner runtime.XRap

During the creation of the .msi file, XRap may appear to freeze up, but its actually working, it just takes some time to create the file.  Also I need to figure out how to make the textbox scroll automatically, but its a minor cosmetic issue, and should be fixed by the next release.  If anyone knows please let me know.  Other than that, enjoy! and let me know of any suggestions or fixes needed.


XRap v 0.3 Windows Installer

XRap v 0.3 Source

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