Yes.  I need to figure out how to package up a XULRunner app, so that it can be distributed and installed on to a Mac.
From what I have been reading,  there are two methods for installing on a Mac:

    1. The software publisher has provided an installer, which will automatically install the application
    2. The software is packaged in the form of an application (.app), framework (.framework), plug-in (.plugin), Safari downloads (.download), and installer packages (.pkg)

I have found a manual install method, which simply taking the .app file and putting it into /Applications, any documentation in the /Library/Documentation, and framework into the /Library/Frameworks.  The only problem is that XULRunner apps have a strict directory structure to maintain, which is actually one of the problems I am having for my Linux distribution.  I found the Apple Software Delivery Guide, which is awesome! but I’ll still have to hop on IRC and findout more about XULRunner apps.  I may find myself having to overhaul my Linux distribution of XRap, depending on what I learn about Mac packages.

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