The Keyboard is mightier than the Mouse

I find that at least 80% of the time when I am on the computer, my hands are on the keyboard, and I use my mouse for only rudimentary tasks, like starting a program, finding a file, or clicking a weblink.  I pretty much use the keyboard for everything else, changing windows, paging through text, saving files, typing.  After some thought, I decided to compile a list of some keyboard shortcuts which I have learned over the years.

Windows Shortcuts:

Cut Ctrl+x
Copy Ctrl+c
Paste Ctrl+v
Undo Ctrl+z
Redo Ctrl+y
Save Ctrl+s
Select All Ctrl+a
Rename File F2
Refresh F5
Display Address bar list F4
Select List of Files Shift+ Click Files
Select only files clicked Ctrl+ Click Files
Select letter Shift+Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Select word Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Select Line Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow or Down Arrow
Cycle through Windows Alt+Tab
Cycle Through Opened Windows Alt+Esc
Show File Properties File Selected Alt+Enter
Open Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc
Move through Tabs Ctrl+Tab
Move backward through Tabs Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Web Browser
Alt+Right Arrow Move Forward a page
Alt+Left Arrow Move Back a page
Open Link in new Window Hold Alt+Click link
Open Favorites Ctrl+b
Open Searchbar Ctrl+e
Open History Ctrl+h
Find on page Ctrl+f
Open New Tab Ctrl+t
Open new address Ctrl+L
System Properties Windows Key+BREAK
Show Desktop Windows Key+d
Minimize all Windows Windows Key+m
Restore Minimized Windows Windows Key+Shift+m
Open My Computer Windows Key+E
Open Run Dialog box Windows Key+r
Lock Keyboard Windows Key+l

I found some application specific shortcuts at Microsoft, but I find these to be the most useful when working on Windows.

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