Using Mozilla to create a dmg…Part I

After some confusing conversations over IRC on how I should go about creating a distribution package for Mac, it was suggested that I create a dmg.  A dmg is essentially an image which can be mounted as a drive, and found by the Finder.  I was then directed to a file in mozilla-central called pkg-dmg, which is a perl script that packages and creates the dmg!  After reading through the code, and trying to figure out how it works, it seemed pretty simple.

>pkg-dmg –source <source-folder> –target <target-folder>

After pulling the latest code from mozilla-central, I located the script in ‘mozilla-central/build/package/mac_osx/pkg-dmg‘, unfortunately I don’t have access to a Mac, and will have to wait until next week to test out the script and my code.  But, just for fun I ran the script on my Linux box, and got repeated error messages that ‘hdiutil’ was not present.  Hdiutil is a Mac utility used for manipulating disk images, therefore an essential component for the pkg-dmg script.

dmgtest1Next step…Find a Mac! (not that hard, should be done next week)

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