BIG, Bold and Vibrant – A web design collection

There are some insanely beautiful website designs out there.  Typefaces, Layouts, font sizes, colors, buttons, icons… so many things to think about, so why not start a list!

The first list is just a scout around the net of collections of good site design.

The Best Designs – The first site I found, which stemmed into this search, it has a huge collection of wonderfully designed sites.  Just from looking at a few of the sites here, we can see the shift to HTML 5 from Flash.

WeightShift – A portfolio of sites from a design studio, categorized into what was done by them.  There are a few identifiable names here.

42 Best Designed Websites For Showcasing Portfolio – Nice collection of portfolio based sites.  Very design-er oriented.

Designs Hard – 25 Examples of Clean and Well designed Web Sites – Great collection of well designed personal portfolios.

Web Design from Scratch – Average site with some reviews of good sites.  Only reason I put this here is because I am interested in site #7, I like the minimal design for a simple personal site (i hate that it is in flash)

Design Tips

Design Tutorials4u – Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2010 – A list of trends to consider when designing a new site.

Web Design Ledger – Web Design Trends for 2010 – A collection of tips and requirements for designing a modern website.

Fuel Your Interface – Not so much a collection of sites, but a great magazine of incredibly useful tips and best practices for creating a new site.

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