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Deciding to move to VPS Hosting

Running a website on a shared hosting environment has become a very volatile, unstable endeavor.  Frequent downtime, slow/overloaded servers, and limited control can seriously impact your ability to deliver your site.  This can result in poor engagement, lower sales (if you run an e-commerce site) and an overall loss of interest if people can not reliably interact with your site.

A shared environment is usually a managed or dedicated hosting solution, where the hosting company will take care of the 90% operations of the server, such as the setting up the mail server, dns and database. This is a perfect fit for personal and static sites, where less technical can easily get help with setup and operations, publishers and businesses looking to reach a wider audience would need a solution which can scale with their business, and guarantee a higher level of performance and up-time.  The price for this quality of service once cost hundred’s of dollars a month, regardless if you were using the bandwidth or not.

Digital Ocean

Technology has changed, and the price to run your own virtual private server (VPS) have come down dramatically.  Not only is it equal, if not cheaper than a managed option (there are packages as low as $5/month), but they also offer SSD VPS hosting, which means lightning fast response times from your server.  Pricing is broken down to an hourly cost per month, and is based on your hardware requirements (RAM/CPU and SSD capacity) and a transfer quota. If you are willing to invest some time, then Digital Ocean provides an excellent and affordable service, where you will no longer have to worry about the performance of your site again.  Features include:

  • Deploy in seconds
  • SSD performance
  • Simple API
  • Highly available storage
  • Lightning fast network
  • Teams work together

The thought of managing your own VPS can be a daunting thought.  Digital Ocean has automated much of the setup, where installing software such as WordPress can be completed in a single click.  Or you could install a Linux distro such as Ubuntu, and have complete control over how your server operates.  Digital Ocean has done an excellent job in providing many online guides for completing many common and complicated tasks.

Sign up with Digital Ocean and get a $10 credit

With the credit provided by Digital Ocean, you can receive either 1 month for free under the $10 plan, or 2 months under the $5 plan, no strings attached.  You can setup a VPS, create or move a site, and generally assess the performance and reliability of the service.


New York San Francisco Amsterdam Signapore London Frankfurt
Toronto Bangalore


Ubuntu FreeBSD Fedora Debian CoreOS CentOS

One-click App Installation

Cassandra Discourse Django Docker Dokku Drone
Drupal Elixir ELK Logging Stack Ghost GitLab CE Horizon w/RethinkDB
Joomla! LAMP LEMP Magento CE MEAN MediaWiki
MongoDB Mumble Server Node ownCloud PHPMyAdmin Redis
Redmine Ruby on Rails WordPress

As of writing, I have started hosting a handful of sites on Digital Ocean, my satisfaction couldn’t be better.

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