Search Google Chrome Bookmarks

Search Google Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome Bookmarks

I have a ton a bookmarks.  While they are all categorized into folders and sub-folders, I can’t find anything!  The obvious question would be, how can I search my bookmarks? The answer is in the multi-purpose Omnibar (or the Address bar).

Google Chrome allows you to add alternative search engines to the Omnibar.  So when you type in your phrase, you can directly search an alternative site, instead of defaulting to Google Search.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Chrome menu in the top right (three dots), and click on ‘Settings’
  2. In the Search section, click on ‘Manage search engines…’
    Manage search engines
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and enter:
    Search engine: Chrome Bookmarks
    Keyword: Chrome
    URL: chrome://bookmarks/?#q=%s
  4. Then hit ‘Enter’
  5. Scroll to the new item in the list
  6. Hover over it and click on ‘Make default’, this will make it active by moving it to the top section of ‘Default search settings’
  7. Click ‘Done’
  8. Try typing something into the Omnibar, you should see an option for ‘Chrome Bookmarks Search’ in the drop-down, select it to view your results.

NOTE: When you are done, you will have to go back into the ‘Manage search engines…’, and re-select your default search engine, or it will always search your bookmarks


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