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Buying a DJI Mavic Pro – Bundle Comparison

With the impending release of the the DJI Mavic Platinum, the price of the Mavic Pro has dropped slightly as of late October 2017, and for me, this is an opportune time to make the purchase.  I have not owned or used a drone before, but I would like to get into doing some video work, as well as up my photography game.  The Mavic Pro is all what I am looking for in a drone, it is super portable, offers (borderline) pro features in a consumer product, and comes in at a reasonable price point.

So what’s the argument? The Mavic Pro ships with 2 bundles, one with the basics and the other with a bunch of accessories.  At about a $400 difference, are the accessories worth it, or should I just buy what I need separately?

DJI Mavic Pro – Bundle Comparison

There are two bundles which the Mavic Pro is delivered with, ‘Ready-to-Fly’ and ‘Fly More’.  I have created a simple comparison table of what comes in each bundle, so we can see where the additional value is.

Bundle Ready-to-Fly Fly More
Price $1299.99 CAD $1689.99 CAD
Remote Controller (w/Lighting and Micro USB Connector + Cable Slider)    
Propeller pair 3 5
Intelligent Battery Flight Battery 1 3
Gimbal Cover + Clamp    
Charger + 2 USB + Power Cable    
16GB microSD Card    
Micro USB Cable    
Manuals (In the Box, Quick Start Guide, Disclaimer
and Safety Guidelines, Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines)
Car Charger    
Battery to Power Bank Adapter    
Shoulder Bag    
Battery Charging Hub    

Ok, what are the prices of the extra accessories?

Fly More Accessories

The prices are from a combination of big box stores and Amazon, which is why the last few items in the list below have odd pricing.  Clearly there is great value added in the ‘Fly More’ bundle, you are getting $531.18 worth of accessories for an additional $390, with the tipping point being the inclusion not 1 but 2 extra batteries.

Item Price Per Item (CAD) Bundled Value (CAD)
Mavic Quick-Released Propeller pair $12.99 $24.98
Intelligent Battery Flight Battery $124.99 $249.98
Car Charger $64.99 $64.99
Battery to Power Bank Adapter $36.24 $36.24
Shoulder Bag $103.00 $103.00
Battery Charging Hub $51.99 $51.99
Total $394.20 $531.18

All the included accessories are great to have, what is actually practical for light to medium usage?

Practical Accessories

I am a fairly competent photographer, by no means a pro, but I do try and get out once a month to sharpen my skill.  I own a few lenses with a Canon 70D in my photo bag.  That said, I can make some space in my Lowepro Fastpack 250 Backpack to fit the Mavic Pro, which would eliminate the need for the shoulder bag, but it would be nice if I am only taking out the drone.

There are a bunch of battery related accessories, so you can ‘Fly More’ with all that extra portable power.  For the first the little while I will probably wish I had extra batteries, but for the most part I will be using the Mavic Pro for less than an hour with planned shots.  Again no professional work done here, so scratch the Car charger, Power Bank and Charging hub.   Finally, with each battery estimated to last 27 minutes, I would probably only add a single battery for now.

Finally the propellers, which are always good to have extra, just because you never know.  At $12.99 a pair, this is a very affordable necessity.

Item Price (CAD)
Mavic Quick-Released Propeller pair  (x2 pairs) $24.98
Intelligent Battery Flight Battery $124.99
Total $149.98


I’ll be shooting footage outside, and for any type of outdoor photography or video you’ll need some ND filters so you don’t overexpose your shots.  With the cost savings, that means I can go for some better filters.  I’m going for the Polar Pro, Cinema Series Vivid Collection filters.

Item Price (CAD)
Polar Pro Filter 3-Pack (CP, ND8, ND16 Filters) $62.60
Polar Pro Filters – Cinema Series – Vivid Collection $100.16


The ‘Fly More’ bundle contains a few nice-to-have accessories, it is definitely directed to users who expect be doing much more flying between battery charges.  However, for someone starting out, the ‘Ready-to-Fly’ kit is good.  I would recommend a few extras, get a bag to carry the thing; extra propellers because no one is perfect; and at least one extra battery, you’re just not responsible without a spare battery.

Final items Price (CAD)
Ready-to-Fly Bundle $1299.99
Mavic Quick-Released Propeller pair (x2 pairs) $24.98
Intelligent Battery Flight Battery $124.99
Polar Pro Filters – Cinema Series – Vivid Collection $100.16
Total $1550.12

With a savings of about $150, I will have gear which I will actually use plus a little left in my pocket.  For the time being, here is some epic Mavic Pro footage by Ian McAlpine for some inspiration.

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