Application Packager

XRap Icons!

I finally got around to creating an icon for XRap the other day.  I figured people use a box to package things, so why not use a box!  Then I have been looking at that Mozilla globe, which is the default for XUL apps on Windows, and I noticed that Read More

XRap version 0.8 update

XRap 0.8 is now completed, and everything is now coming together.  I have managed to merge Mac packaging into XRap, so that it creates a dmg to mount on the Mac file system, and then I have created a script to run xulrunner-bin –install-app, which installs the XULRunner application into Read More


Yes.  I need to figure out how to package up a XULRunner app, so that it can be distributed and installed on to a Mac. From what I have been reading,  there are two methods for installing on a Mac:   The software publisher has provided an installer, which will Read More

XRap Version 0.4 Release

XRap has been making use of a great program called WiX, which is used for packaging applications to deploy on the Windows platform.  The only thing is that there are so many features to the Windows Installer, and WiX does them all, its just a matter of diving through the Read More

XRap 0.1 Release

I have updated my link to my 0.1 release of the XULRunner Application Packager (XRap), it can be downloaded here.  Its still buggy, I am still working on the XML shema, and making an executable to run the actually XULRunner app, i need that executable so I can append to Read More