Getting Started with HTML5 Canvas

The HTML5 Canvas element allows developers to create 2D drawings and animations in their web pages and apps through Javascript. There are many different applications for using the Canvas element, charts and graphs, animated banners, interactive graphics and even games, Canvas is proving to be quite flexible in delivering dynamic Read More

How to: Minimal jQuery Tabs

Tabs are a great way to organize related information into a space on your webpage.  They offer a familiar user interface to the user, where they can quickly find the information they are seeking. There are many way to implement tabs on your site.  Here is my way: HTML The few key Read More

XUL File I/O: Write Files

Writing files in XUL isn’t that much harder than reading a file, in fact its very similar.  What a relief.  In my example I am appending the data “Appending Data” to my file. function writeFile() { var data = “Appending Data”; var filePath = “C:\\text.txt”; var file = Components.classes[“;1”] .createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsILocalFile); Read More