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XRap Version 0.9 Update

Lots of changes.  Lots!  Here’s a list: Added a license page Added a page to validate that you are packaging a XULRunner application The wizard automatically goes to the last page once pacakaging is complete If there are any errors, they will show on the last page Linux release now Read More

XRap Icons!

I finally got around to creating an icon for XRap the other day.  I figured people use a box to package things, so why not use a box!  Then I have been looking at that Mozilla globe, which is the default for XUL apps on Windows, and I noticed that Read More

XRap version 0.8 update

XRap 0.8 is now completed, and everything is now coming together.  I have managed to merge Mac packaging into XRap, so that it creates a dmg to mount on the Mac file system, and then I have created a script to run xulrunner-bin –install-app, which installs the XULRunner application into Read More

XRap on Sourceforge!

I needed some more space for storing each version of XRap, as I ran out of space on my previous account and had to take down some older releases to make room for the newer.  I am pretty sure some of you have noticed some dead links.  My solution, open Read More

Keeping it Cross-Platform

By using the nsIFilePicker you can get the absolute path to your destination according to the platform you are working on.  The most basic problem in navigating between Windows and Linux is the direction of the slash which separates the directories in the path. By using the nsIFilePicker you can Read More