XRap on Sourceforge!

I needed some more space for storing each version of XRap, as I ran out of space on my previous account and had to take down some older releases to make room for the newer.  I am pretty sure some of you have noticed some dead links.  My solution, open Read More

Triple Web Threat

While it may not be very interesting to the average Internet user, Lunascape may intrigue many web developers.  Basically its a Web Browser capable of changing its web-rendering engine to any of the big three right now, Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), or Web Kit (Safari/Chrome). According to its website, its Read More

Mozilla Developer Days

This week I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Mozilla Developer Days here in Toronto.  I have never attended an event like this, and I must say that it was quite an interesting experience.  There were developers from as far away as Germany who came to talk about Mozilla and Read More


This week I was introduced to Ubiquity, a very cool Firefox extension currently in the alpha release.  By cool, i mean that this little app potentially has the ability to bring together and combine the most relevent parts of the Web for you and your needs.  Currently there seems to Read More