Using IIf in TSQL

Using IIF in Access I am currently moving a client from an Access DB to MS SQL Server 2008, and came up to a problem when I had to move a query to a view.  The query: Using CASE in TSQL Use the CASE expression Thanks to:

Minimalism and the F-pattern

With the new domain up, I have been scouring the net for some inspirational designs.  During the hunt I came across two short but important articles which I think any web designer should have a look at, both are from the online magazine Fuel your interface How to Use the Read More


Yes.  I need to figure out how to package up a XULRunner app, so that it can be distributed and installed on to a Mac. From what I have been reading,  there are two methods for installing on a Mac:   The software publisher has provided an installer, which will Read More